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Carbon Bike Repair is a division of Luescher Teknik, a Specialist Sports Technology company based in Melbourne Australia since 2008. The director Raoul Luescher has more than 30 years experience in aerospace composites and quality assurance. Raoul built his first composite bike in 1992 and has been a design consultant for some major brands.

  • We live and breathe cycling, we build carbon bikes, we race carbon bikes, we design carbon bikes, we are passionate about all things cycling. We have worked with some of the best athletes in the world, we have been doing this for a long time, our work has passed the test of time and the demands of competition.

  • Because we design and consult to the bicycle industry we know how the bikes are made, we have worked with the factories manufacturing carbon frames and components on the latest designs and processes, we are part of the bicycle industry. This is part of our core business, this is not a sideline business or part time hobby, we are professional bike repairers.

  • We are specialists at inspection, assessment and repair of carbon composite bicycles. We are unique in that we combine extensive experience in composites with detailed product knowledge on bicycles.

Our core values are quality and integrity. Just as it was when working in aerospace, your safety is paramount to us, and is something we will not compromise. We prefer to re-use, recycle and repair instead of the "disposable" society we sometimes live in.

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