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In the mind of a person who just starts betting on sports, the following thought is sure to creep in: let's get rich betting in a bookmaker's office. So what? It does seem to be a realistic option. You love this or that sport, you know it quite well, you even watch the transfers, the current form of the clubs, etc. What could prevent you from getting rich with the help of betting?

But in reality it turns out differently. The majority lose, and this majority includes many of those analysts who, it would seem, should know better than anyone else in the sport.

What is the reason and is it possible to get rich betting in bookmakers? Or should you treat betting as a fascinating hobby? These questions must be dealt with in great detail. This is what experience is all about Pari match betting.

Discipline in sports betting

Why do people who are great at sports still lose when betting at a betting company? There are many reasons, including bookmaker's margin and other tricks used by betting shops to always be in the black of the bettor's game.

However, the main reason lies in the players themselves and the fact that they violate discipline.

What are these violations?

  • Betting on sports without a specific financial strategy.
  • Playing wah-bank in case of several minuses in a row.
  • Betting on everything in a row without analysis, just to make a bet as soon as possible. 4.
  • Increase in the amount of bets after several wins in a row.
  • Hasty actions in play, when decisions have to be made in a matter of seconds.

Some people mistakenly think that players break discipline only in case of unsuccessful bets, but in reality, both big wins and big losses can have a negative impact on the bettor's behavior.

With a winning streak, the player starts spending less time on analyzing events, increases the bet size in the hope of winning even more, loses concentration, etc. He starts to feel like a real guru, for which he may pay later.

At several consecutive minuses an inexperienced player starts to panic, win back the lost money, etc.

Of course, it is possible to earn money with betting, but only those who are engaged in business professionally do that. And it is not about wealth, but about additional earnings.


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