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Promotion of any type of content depends on the number of users and their activity in this project. Such activity can be caused artificially and for a certain fee. This is called a micro job.

Essence of such tasks
Basically, employers in this area require registration of the site, visiting the site, creating an imitation of the interested user, spending a certain time on the site, maybe even any actions that do not require special efforts.
Micro tasks are characterized by their simplicity in execution. The performers require only a clear adherence to all instructions that are contained in the description of the task. On the Internet there are a large number of sites where tasks are located. Depending on the rating and reviews, the Contractor receives a variety of orders.

Where you can perform micro jobs
On the Internet, there are a huge number of sites on which micro jobs are placed. Each user will find a more suitable site for such tasks as they differ in each other. There are even those who pay for the tasks of cryptocurious.
Below will be described varieties of projects with micro tasks, as well as a small list in which the most worthy sites will be listed.
These tasks, the essence of which is to visit sites. The fee for one performed action varies from one to ten kopecks. In the tables of tasks, as a rule, a lot. The list of available tasks is constantly updated.
Five best tiles:
- Surfearner;
- IPWeb;
- ad-core;
In addition to these five sites, there are even more inbox on the Internet.

Paid Likes and Subscriptions
There is such a concept as "cheating". The essence is that some author bought a certain number of likes or subscriptions to his channel or a page on the social network. Anyone can become a performer in this field.
Five best sites for paid Likes and subscriptions:
- FastPromo;
- Laikator;
- Cashbox;
- mrinsta;
- vktarget.

Simple micro jobs
Simple micro tasks on the type of registration, small actions on a specific site, etc. All this can be found on the bulk of the micro tasks.
Two best stock exchanges for performing micro tasks:
- Socpublic;
- Unu;

In order to have a small additional income, simple actions can be paid by advertisers. It is worth paying attention to only the proven sites that have a large number of positive feedback. The higher the rating on any site, the higher the payment for the work done. Best ukrainian dating websites on знакомства с украинками . Find you love in Ukraine.


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