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When did you spin a slot machine for 500 spins without seeing the bonus game? Or maybe you keep getting a lot of tiny wins all the time, which are hardly worth the effort of playing and nothing worthy will ever come out of this slot?

If this is the case, then there is a possibility that you are experiencing the symptoms of "slot variance", which is probably the most important thing a player needs to know in order to enjoy playing the slot machine properly. Take a few minutes to digest this article and it will probably save you a lot of money if you play regularly.

Variance of Pokies

What is variance
For the uninitiated, the word "variance" in this context equates to the word "risk", or more simply, low variance of a pokies means "low risk" when playing it. However, the element of risk does not affect the expected payout. Most of the video slots featured in modern licensed casinos have an expected return of 93% to 98%, and whether they are low dispersion or high dispersion does not affect that percentage.

Simply put, a low variance slot will give you combos and pay you more often, while a high variance slot will give you much less often, but these combos will be very good! There is, of course, some kind of middle point. How to tell if a slot is low, medium or high variance? Most casino software providers do not publish variance ratings for their online slots, which is a shame.

How to Distinguish Low Dispersion Slots from High Dispersion Slots

If you look at the paytable of most online video slots, you can understand what the pokies variance is. If you see, for example, that 3 or 4 symbols pay little, while 5 is much more (maybe 10 times more than 3 or 4), you are most likely seeing a pokie with high variance. If the gap between 3, 4, and 5 has nearly the same payoffs, then you may be seeing a low dispersion pokie in front of you. But this is not a decisive factor - much depends on how many symbols there are on the reel, whether there is a jackpot on the slot or how many paylines a video slot has.

How to Play Real Money Pokies

Having played most of the online slots, I added a variance table of all my favorite slots for myself and build the tactics of the game in relation to this list, which allows me to constantly stay in the black. Once you feel the difference in slots play, you can balance your bet size accordingly and you can get decent wins. Failure to do this can mean that you will run out of money before you achieve a decent victory. Players who do not understand this concept are likely to think that the pokies machine is screwed up, it doesn’t work, and so on, while none of the casinos using the best software listed here have the ability or means to spin it. or any game editing. Each slot has good returns and variance is critical.

When playing a high variance pokie, start betting until you get a feel for how the pokies are playing - If you have $ 200, I would suggest starting with no more than $ 1 per spin and gradually increasing this amount until you feel comfortable playing the slot. So you should get a decent session time and you can win more, but chances are you will need to top up your bankroll during a long session.
Low variance pokies are better suited for players on a lower budget. You can win pretty decent winnings on them, but the chances of catching, for example, x500 or x1000 are very, very small, and in some cases they are not real at all. But getting x100 or a little more is real. The advantage of this type of variance is that you can play your bankroll longer, even by raising your bets a little. For example, a $ 200 budget playing $ 1 per spin should give you a very long play time. If it is enough for you to win 25% - 30% of your deposit, but want to play for longer, low variance is your choice.


As I mentioned above, I prefer the higher variance pokies machines. I don't mind shorter playing times and higher risk and more often I leave empty-handed. But from time to time I get unrealistic returns and beat off all past losses by catching, for example, x2000 at a rate of 10 AUD. As an example, once playing the Isis slot, I lost a lot, but in 2008 I caught 5 scatters in a bonus at $ 12.50 per spin and won $ 49,300!


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