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Online gambling may come to Las Vegas Sands with new director

Online gambling may come to Las Vegas Sands with a new director On January 12, renowned casino investor Sheldon Adelson died of complications from cancer treatment. Until the very end, even in light of the crisis of land-based casinos due to the coronavirus, he remained an opponent of online gambling. However, with his departure, the company may change its attitude towards this business.casino4u login The new CEO and Chairman, Rob Goldstein, said there are many ideas being considered for digital gambling. The company studies, observes and consults with people, but hasn't even come close to making a decision yet. Rob Goldstein also noted that Adelson never doubted that online gambling could be profitable %s.casino4u.. He only doubted the ethical side of this business, as he was not sure that it was possible to prevent the play of children and vulnerable adults.


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