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Unfortunately, the organ fat is much causar than the classic subcutaneous one. Its excess can lead to serious diseases. Do you know what causes fat deposits in the body and how to prevent their accumulation?
Visceral fat is in the abdominal cavity around and inside our organs. It primarily serves to protect them, so it is sometimes called internal or intestinal. If we have an excess of this fat, it can jeopardize your life. This is closely related to hyperlipidemia, that is, a high level of fat in the blood. If it is really high, it can lead to serious chronic diseases, such as diabetes, or acute diseases such as myocardial infarction or stroke.
Unfortunately, if there is no higher-level during the examination, a person will not find that he suffers from its exceeding. Visceral fat is hidden, unlike subcutaneous. For example, an increase in the waist circle can be some visible signal. However, be careful, the amount of visceral fat does not depend on the amount of subcutaneous fat in the body. Therefore, even if you do not suffer an excess of subcutaneous fat, visceral fat may be a hidden threat to your health.
Although visceral fat may be dangerous, you can do something. Today, nutrition consultants have complex diagnostic methods that can help you. A power plan is created, specially adapted to your body. If this is observed, the accumulation of hazardous fat can be avoided, and even the number of existing visceral fat in the body can be reduced.
What can cause excess visceral fat - cardiovascular diseases, stroke, diabetes mellitus, dementia, cancer, depression, arthritis, overweight and obesity, increased risk of inflammation, sexual dysfunction
Avoid simple sugars
Sakharoza or beet sugar clearly affect the metabolism. If you eat a lot of refined sugar, the liver will be filled with fructose and will be forced to turn it into fat.
Eat more protein
It has been proven that proteins reduce various taste of up to 60%. They also accelerate the metabolism and help to eat less than 400 kcal per day.
Choose products rich in fiber
The soluble fiber binds water with them and forms a thick gel in the intestine. This gel can significantly slow down the passage through the stomach and the delicate intestine, reduce the absorption of certain nutrients and lead to a long sensation of satiety and a decrease in appetite.
Exercise and sports exercise
Several studies have shown that aerobic exercises (walking, running, swimming, etc.) lead to a significant reduction in intra-abdominal fat. Best Training Providers in Indian on filtered by categories.


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