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Why do normal online casinos sometimes fail to withdraw money?

nzd casinosThe Casino does not withdraw money. Possible Reasons Apart from the cases when scammers cheat punters and refuse withdrawals, there are other reasons why the casino does not withdraw money. We will not consider cases of deception, since everything is clear with them. Just don't play at casinos like this. Check out our blacklist to know exactly where you don't need to go. Then go through the casino ratings and evaluate the options. Why does the casino not withdraw money? On normal gambling sites that do not practice intentionally withholding your money, a situation may arise when the casino does not withdraw money %s... Take your time to panic or accuse the operator of theft. If the reason why the withdrawal was rejected is not specified, please contact support. They have to explain everything to you. Below we will consider the possible reasons for this situation. Bonus wagering is not complete If you took bonuses, then you most likely signed up to fulfill the wagering requirements. And they, in turn, usually include the condition of blocking the conclusions until the end of the wagering. It turns out that the casino does not withdraw the punters' money until they win back the bonuses accrued to them or the bonuses burn out. Some operators, instead of blocking withdrawals, say that when a withdrawal is requested, the bonuses from the punters are simply canceled %s... It turns out that you can get your money, but you will lose the bonus. The UK Gambling Commission recently issued a new rule that casinos cannot hold money that belongs to punters. The casino does not have the right to set any restrictions, including blocking money until the end of wagering. But this only applies to those operators that are licensed in the UK. Minimum deposit amount Almost all casinos do not withdraw money below a certain minimum. Someone has this minimum of $ 5, someone has $ 20. If you do not have enough money up to the set amount, you will have to replenish your account, and then make a withdrawal request. The main thing is to make sure that the casino has no rules on the mandatory turnover of the deposit %s... On this topic Online casino advertising. New opportunities through online radio There are operators that will not allow you to withdraw deposits that the punter has not put several times. Then you will have to play for the deposited money, and then the possibility of withdrawing the deposit will be unlocked. So, if you find yourself in a casino where you need to wager deposits, it is better to just lose the money that is not enough for the minimum withdrawal than to replenish the account and risk an even larger amount. That is, of course, if you are not going to play at this casino anymore. Withdrawal by a specific payment method is not possible Always pay attention to the fact that the list of deposit and withdrawal methods is different for most casinos. If the casino does not withdraw money, it may be because the method by which you deposited money cannot be used for withdrawals. This is a very common practice, so be careful before registering and making a deposit %s... If you are faced with such a problem, there are two possible options. Most likely, the casino will ask you to make a deposit using a different method. And then it will allow you to withdraw it in a new way. In exceptional cases, the casino admits that the punter will not make an additional deposit, and the money will simply be transferred to him in another way. The need for account verification Often, in order to attract punters, the casino does not require account verification without fail until a certain amount of withdrawals is reached. But they reserve the right to make spot checks. In any case, the casino does not withdraw money if the account must be verified. The punter will have to send the required documents %s... Usually these are documents that confirm the identity, as well as confirming the address of residence. As a rule, operators send requests just when punters are trying to withdraw money, which leads to fears of fraud. But this is the usual procedure and the usual procedure for online casinos. Self-exclusion activated If you have closed your account access by activating self-exclusion for a certain period, you will not be able to make withdrawals. This is not a casino that does not withdraw money, and you simply cannot log into your account and request a withdrawal. After the self-exclusion period you set has passed, the login to your account will be restored and you will be able to withdraw money. So, if you want to take a break from an online casino for a while, first request a withdrawal, wait until the money is in your account, and only then activate self-exclusion. And in order not to spend money while you are waiting, you can set limits on bets and deposits %s.nzd casinos..


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