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Here are a few quotes from some of our many satisfied customers.

"Just wanted to mention the excellent work on the wheel you repaired for me recently.
It looks fantastic, I would even dare to say unnoticeable repair.
Thanks for your help, really appreciated."

 Steven, Vic.


 "I would like to thank you for an impressive repair.

It is not possible to see the original failure and in raw carbon that is an acheivement."

Charles, Vic.

"Just like to thank you for the excellent no fuss service and repair to my carbon front FFWD wheel. On my first assessment of the damage, I thought it was about to take a 15000 K and two month + trip back to the factory in Holland. But then after a recommendation from a friend, I was referred to yourself. Within a week it's back and professionally repaired and ready to roll. Thanks again Raoul."

Tony, Vic

"After crashing my new Scott CR-1 carbon bike in a road race, I was left with a small crack in the top tube from the handlebars impacting the frame. The frame was a write-off according to the local bike store, but I could not bring myself to throw out what was otherwise a perfect frame.  After researching carbon repairers, I called Luescher Teknik who were happy to review the frame for me.   Within a day the frame was reviewed and I was provided with a number of repair options.  Within the next week the repairs were made and the frame was rebuilt into my main race bike. The repair was flawless and the service provided by Luescher Teknik is second to none."

Shane, Vic

"Recently while racing had the misfortune of my s3 Cervelo put under very extreme circumstances being out of my control,subsequently needed the expertease of a very good repairer of carbon frames plus giving a sound prognoses of the damage that was involved,thanks again Raoul was swift and completed the task at hand.he repaired the break as new,also at a good price thankyou regards"

Stephen, NSW

"Due to a stupid transport accident while my bike was on the roof of the car, my carbon frame was damaged.  The fractures and delamination were clearly visible in the down tube but the full extent of the damage to the frame was unclear.  I took the frame to Raoul for an inspection where it was confirmed by ultrasound that the damage was both structural and restricted to the down tube only.  The repair was turned around in a very short time and the results were astounding.  Unless you knew what you were looking for, the repair was completely invisible.  The cost for the repair was a fraction of the replacement cost of the frame.  Since then the frame has done more than more than 7000 km, and I have complete faith in its integrity. I highly recommend Raoul for any carbon repairs or advice and his knowledge, expertise and workmanship is excellent."

Steve, Vic

"When I recently had a major crash on my brand new Cervelo P3, I was certain the frame was a complete write-off.  Fortunately, I was referred to Raoul, who after a quick inspection of my frame, advised me it could be repaired.  Though initially a little sceptical, I could hardly believe it when my frame was returned to me in perfect, as-new condition.  The price of repair was a fraction of the cost of a new frame, and ended up being one of the best decisions I've ever made."

Adam, Vic

"I was directed to Luescher Teknik by my insurer to have some carbon repair work done to my frame. I was dubious at first that anyone could repair the damage to the bottom bracket area and the chain stay, let alone make it look like nothing had ever happened. Well Raoul was able to do just that. The frame looks like new again. And he went the extra mile with his customer service, spending a not insignificant amount of time with on the phone explaining things and offering other bits advice regarding my frame and bike. Just a brilliant value for money service. Highly recommended to any cyclist who values skill, quality and craftmanship when it comes to  their prized carbon bikes".

Stuart, SA


"Accidents can happen to all bikes. With a carbon framed bike it can be impossible to tell on inspection whether the damage sustained is structural or not. Until recently standard advise has been to discard any carbon frame which has received even superficial looking damage. Raoul Luescher is providing a service which I believe is unique in Australia. He is using aerospace industry technology and experience to reliably differentiate when it is safe to repair a carbon frame and when it isn't. In the case of my bicycle he was able to back this up by doing a virtually undetectable repair, including a precise matchup of the 12k basketweave top layer and a superb restoration of the clear coat. While this service is not cheap, it costs a lot less than replacing a carbon frame."

Lachlan, NSW


"Luescherteknik came to me under recommendation.  From first contact, Raoul has been approachable, knowledgeable and direct.

My Cervelo R3SL frame was repaired to specification with a quick turnaround time for what was three major cracks.  The colour matching along the decal alignment has been nothing but perfect.

I would highly recommend Luescherteknik for composite repairs."

Ashraf, Vic