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  • We have over 30 years experience in aerospace quality and repair, having held CASA, FAA and Boeing approvals.
  • Peace of mind knowing the repair is done by an experienced composites professional who knows cycling and the specifics of bicycle engineering.
  • We are the only bike repairer using Ultrasonic scan technology to make sure that all the damage is found and repaired.
  • We do assessments/repairs for insurance companies, major bike brands and bike shops all over Australia.
  • We give a 5 year warranty on our repair, more than most frame manufacturers, we stand behind our work.
  • Peace of mind knowing the quality standards are the highest available.
  • We have a fully equipped bicycle workshop to professionally strip and rebuild your bike, we can reface bottom bracket shells, build wheels and recommend products specific to your needs. 
  • We have a frame jig to ensure correct alignment of the repair. 
  • As a business we are fully insured. 
  • We were established in 2008 and have done thousands of assessments and repairs on all types of bikes. 
  • See us at the races and out on the roads riding our products.
  • We are independent, have integrity and do not make false claims.