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The repair of carbon bikes is more than just wrapping some carbon fibre around the damage and painting over it, anyone can do this. A professional repair will match the structural requirements so the bike can perform as it was designed and be safe.

  • Our repairs are done with materials optimised for aerospace repair applications including Uni directional Pre-Preg, similar to what the bike was manufactured from. We use elevated temperature curing so the repair is durable in all environmental conditions. This allows us to match the original properties of the frame for efficient load transfer and also maintain the original ride characteristics.

  • Because we build frames as well as repair, we have a fully adjustable frame jig. If required we can perform the repair in the jig, this ensures the alignment is perfect and the geometry uncompromised.

  • We have also repaired aluminium frames with carbon patch technology, this can be done at a race or on the trail where access to professional welding is limited. 

  • We also offer a complete refinishing service including decals, paint matching etc to return the bike to its original look as well as performance. We can even match almost all carbon weaves including 12K, 3K, 1K and UD. In most cases it is not possible to know that the bike was ever damaged.

  • As you can imagine it is very difficult to quote without seeing the bike and performing our damage assessment. Rest assured however that our prices are very competitive.