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You would get a used car inspected before you buy, you get a builder to check the house you want to buy, so you should also get your carbon bike professionally assessed. Not only is there a risk of losing money but the bigger risk of getting injured due to a structural failure.


Because carbon is different to metals in the way it can get damaged, it can be difficult to know if the part is still structurally sound. Unlike metals where a visual inspection should find cracks and dents, delamination damage can be invisible on the surface because it is within the layers of material that make up the structure. A delamination in a thin carbon laminate can have a catastrophic effect on the strength of the part.


Ultrasound scans are proven to find this damage which is why it's used in aerospace to certify aircraft safe to fly.


At Luescher Teknik we use our extensive experience with carbon bikes AND over 25 years Ultrasound scanning experience to give you the rider peace of mind that the bike you buy does not have any hidden damage that may cause problems.

Our assessment process can find damage and manufacturing faults that even the factory can't find to give you the ultimate peace of mind. For more information on the assessment process and service fees click on the "Bike  Inspection" tab in the menu.


We have also been doing these assessments for our customers looking at selling their bike to be sure that they don't pass on a bike that could cause an injury, in a similar way a "Roadworthy" is required when selling a car. With our report they also are more likely to get the true value price when they sell.