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How much does it cost?

It is not possible to quote accurately without performing our inspection and damage assessment. Structural damage to composites is primarily under the surface and cannot be seen visually, this is why we use Ultrasound scans to assess the damage. We often have frames come in with only a small mark on a tube however the Ultrasound scan reveals the majority of the tube to be delaminated. Other considerations are the paint work and decals/graphics. After the assessment we can discuss the most cost effective options for you and provide a written quote. Rest assured that we are very competitive on price and offer a service that others cannot match.

What is the best way to get my bike to you?

The cheapest way to freight a bike is by stripping it to the bare frame and boxing it up. Most good shops can assist you with this. You can also contact us for the best freight options. If you are in Melbourne you are welcome to drop in to our workshop.

How soon till I get my bike back?

Obviously it depends on the nature of the damage and the complexity in the paint work, however in most cases we can have your bike finished within 2 -3 weeks.

Do you offer an "Express Service"?

For an additional service fee we can complete the structural repair in the quickest time possible if you have an important race or event.


What warranty do you give?

We have a 5 year warranty on our structural repair work and 1 year on paint. Often this is more than the original factory frame warranty.

How do you know the extent of the damage?

We use a range of non destructive inspection methods as used in the aerospace industry. With these methods we inspect the frame to a higher standard than even the factory can do. We can map out the full extent of the damage prior to repair instead of just what shows visually on the surface.

Will my bike ride the same as it did before?

Yes, because we match the original laminate and materials, the ride characteristics will be indistinguishable from the pre damaged ride.

Will my bike be much heavier after repair?

No, with our repair processes there is only a slight increase in weight, typically no more than 5 grams.

Are all types of damage repairable?

Most damage is repairable, however with some damage it is better to replace the part. The type, location and extent of the damage needs to be accurately assessed before we can make a recommendation for a repair. Parts like handlebars may be more cost effective to replace.

What brands do you repair?

We have repaired most of the major brands including:

BMC, Cervelo, Giant, Specialized, Trek, Scott, Look, Pinarello, Ridley, Colnago, Bianchi, De Rosa, Eddy Merckx, Fuji, Merida, Cannondale, Avanti, Malvern Star, BT, Time, Gary Fisher, Jamis, Felt, Kestrel, Willier, Storck, Rapha Condor, Orbea, Quintana Roo, Fondriest, Scapin, Carrera, Kuota, Argon 18, Parlee, Teschner, Azzuri, Ceepo, Bont, Issac, Shimano, Mavic, Reynolds, Zipp, Lightweight, Enve.


Are these repairs really safe?

We use the same processes and materials that are used in aerospace. These methods have been proven in use for a long time. If you have ever flown in a commercial aircraft, you have probably flown with repaired carbon parts. YOUR SAFETY IS PARAMOUNT TO US.