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We stress the importance of using resins with a high Tg (Glass transition temperature), which basically means the temperature that the resin can still provide structural performance. We only use aerospace approved repair resins that  have a Tg of over 120 deg C when cured properly, which is typical of the resin used during frame manufacture.

This is really important because if a lower Tg resin is used, the mechanical properties such as strength are reduced when the repair is at a higher temperature. This can happen if you have the bike in the car on a hot day and then go and ride. With a low Tg resin the repair can fail in this situation.

The thing is that the higher Tg resins need to be cured at elevated temperature to achieve these properties, so room temperature curing resins with lower Tg are generally not suitable for repair (unless you never ride in warm weather!)

So make sure when you get a carbon repair the correct resin and cure cycle is used to ensure correct performance, and avoid any repairs using general purpose resins such as those often used in boat building or other industrial applications. яндекс