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mercedes cla köpa On this page you will find a link to a paper showing some of the frames we have sectioned.

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rencontre entre barcelone et chelsea Sectioning frames gives us the opportunity to get a better understanding on the bike brand and model in terms of their manufacturing processes, it provides a visual representation of the structural make up of the bike. This allows us to show you how your bike is made and also explain why it may have failed in a particular region. The frames are also a useful reference and a snapshot of how the manufacturing technology is improving over time.

follow url As you can imagine there are many thousands of dollars of high end bikes here that have been put to the diamond saw along with a hefty investment of time required to actually cut the frames. The majority have been donated to us for a number of reasons, many have suffered damage and are significantly structurally compromised, others had manufacturing faults that were discovered during an ultrasound scan. We will continue to develop our frame library as more frames become available to us, so if you have a frame that is no longer useful to you, let us know and it may be lucky enough to be added to the list.

que es rencontrer This paper is another feature unique to us, and highlights our commitment to providing the best, unbiased quality information on carbon bikes. The PDF of the paper can be found here. (1.2Mb)

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