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We recently had a frame come in for a scan that had been repainted, the person buying the frame was told that it was repainted only and that there were no repairs on the frame.

However when we scanned the frame we found a repair on the frame where the handlebar had impacted the side of the top tube. Fortunately the buyer was wise enough to get a scan done.

The repair had porosity throughout and the quality of the resin used is unknown, so it may have failed during use.

The paint wasn't that good either, with the stripes off centre and blotches in the colour!



Two stripes on one side and three on the other!

Remember it is not the paint that takes the structural loads, the carbon laminate must be sound.

Repairs to carbon may pass the visual eye test, but are no match for the Ultrasound scan.


Please be aware of unscroupulous sellers passing on damaged bikes that may cause you a serious injury

If you are unsure of the history of a bike get it checked with a scan prior to buying it.

For your own peace of mind.