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Here is a video we did a little while ago showing the Ultrasound scan of a fork steerer.

Note that there was no visual indication of any damage however with the nature of the damage found, the steerer could have failed catastrophically during further use.


Voids are a manufacturing flaw we sometimes find with our Ultrasound scans on fork steerers.

No visible indication is present on the surface and sometimes people don’t believe that there is a problem.

As an example we cut a section out of a fork steerer that was rejected for having a void, as the photo below clearly shows there are large voids or air pockets in this area of the fork.

Fork steerer voids


Note also that the voids are at multiple depths.

Having voids like this significantly reduces the strength of the steerer. Remember the steerer is critical to the control of your bike, you really do not want it to fail.

Also note that this flaw is not limited to one brand, it is a process problem.

fork void samples